Tuesday, April 5, 2016


No pictures this week but he is obviously doing well. Weather conditions in Obidos today, 80*. Light rain with thunder:


There´s was some exciting news when they announced a temple in BelĂ©m.
I was really happy. Above can be considered my shout of joy. The only
iffy part about it is that it still won´t be built for another couple
of years but it´s all good. 

But conference was really good. I enjoyed
it. We were able to bring a few of our investigators to some of the
sessions but not all of them. I really enjoyed Sister Bonnie L.
Oscarson´s talk. It was very direct, to the point, and this is how it
is. And it happened to be the session that we were able to bring in
Bruno, the Pastor. So, that was rather interesting. I really think that
he´s at least starting to and realize how things are. So it´s really
kinda interesting. I hope he decides to follow what he feels. 

As for other talks I rather liked Elder Stevenson´s and
Elder Ballard´s. Elder Ballard´s truth be told was kinda funny. Cause
towards the end of his talk I guess something happened in Salt Lake
cause the translation for him cut out and so we were left with just
the English transmission and I was the only one who understood. But I
looked around and Brother Cardoso, the elder´s quorum president, was
motioning for me to get up and translate. And I just kinda sat there
laughing like, uuuuhhhhhhh. Although truthfully It probably wouldn´t
have been that bad, just, rather jumbled and behind. Maybe. I hope.
It´s what i´d like to say. 

For those of you who haven´t watched conference for whatever reason I would highly suggest that you do.
https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng&_r=1 You can get there
through this link, which you may need to copy and paste. I dont really
know. But if nothing else I would suggest watching the 4 main sessions
of Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon. There is a lot that you
can learn from these people. Just choosing to watch the 4 main ones is
about 8 hours of your life. But I can promise you all that it is 8
hours that you will absolutely never regret. 

I love you guys.

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