Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Transfer

Latest news from Elder Monzingo:

I am safe! I'm still here in Óbidos and so is Elder S. Oliveira. I
wasn't really expecting to move, for one its my first area, for 2 our
mission president sent out a thing that people are going to be
spending a bit longer in each area than they were. He´s actually about
 months in to being a mission president so now he is making the
changes after reviewing everything I guess. But this month truthfully
looks like it will be rather good. Patricia and Edson should have be
married by the end of this week or next week and thats really the last
thing they need before they can get baptised. We also met these less
active members who I think just moved here recently, but the dad and
mom of the family are both members and were baptised in Manaus, but
they became less active and now they are here. But Josiel, the dad,
says that he wants to stay here and be able to stay active because
when he was inactive everything just went wrong and he knows that if
he moves back to Manaus he´s much more likely to go inactive again.
But 3 of their 6 kids are old enough to be baptised and we are
currently teaching the lessons for them. One of them, once she figured
out we are serious when we say if you have any questions ask, started
asking different questions and thinking of others. We think we might
have a list when we go back there. But that's good. Really its better
when people ask questions because then we can teach more to what they
need to learn to progress and whatnot. But so yeah. Also my companion
at the moment is not feeling great. It appears that he has some sort
of illness but hopefully it will pass in a day or two. But any and all
prayers that you guys could maybe send this way to help him feel
better would be greatly appreciated. But I am really thinking he´ll be
fine in a day or 2. I already said that but whatever. But Anyway that's
about it for this week. i think. Hope you guys are all doing good. I
love you all.

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