Tuesday, March 8, 2016


News from Elder Monzingo:

This week was interesting. At the beginning of the week we found out
that Patricia is moving out of Óbidos to Curua. It´s a town that´s
somewhere around 4 hours of a bus ride away. But because of that all
is done as far as Patricia and Edson go. They left yesterday. We
talked with Patricia for the last time 2 or 3 days ago. Read some
scriptures with her. But I don't even know if it really had much of a
chance to make much of a difference. But we were actually finally
ready to send the marriage stuff too and now she´s gone. It was like
literally everything that could have gone wrong did. That sucks. But
hopefully they´ll get another chance. They should they are our age.
But other than that the week was fine. We are entering into winter
now. They don't have winter in Para. They just have this one period of
time where it conveniently rains just about everyday to some varying
degree of intensity. Ranging from a light drizzle to most all of the
roads have rivers on their far sides and others become rivers. Like
this morning the sides of the streets were rivers cause we weren't in a
section with river roads. But on the bright side (unintentional irony
there) there is like no sun throughout the day and so it is a very
nice temperature usually. I find that generally speaking I am happy
with days that its just a light drizzle at times. Although some days
the sky is for the most part blue with this one cloud that is raining
in one specific place but there´s only the one cloud and so it´s
perfectly sunny out. Its kinda strange. But yeah. That´s pretty much
it for now. I love you guys.

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