Monday, February 1, 2016


News from Brazil:

The Lord loves me because he gave me bananas. I was sorta sickish this past Friday I think and not feeling all to great and I had prayed for bananas cause at first adjusting to everything with new foods or whatever is weird for all missionaries. But I thought, bananas are good for you, potassium that sort of thing, but the members that were going to feed us that day forgot about it and so they gave us a bit of money to get something to eat and i got bananas. So I am really happy with this.

 But in other news we had a baptism this past week, Fernanda. We got the authorization for her from her mom Wednesday, shes 17 so still needed it. But yeah, that was pretty cool. We had to spend about an hour both the day before and that day cleaning out the font. For some reason crickets were or are, not sure which, fond of it. So yeah. But we got it all shiny clean and filled it and I think we are still waiting for the water to evaporate and drain cause the drain isn't working right for whatever reason. So its just kinda in there. I think. Don't really know actually.

But we have a couple that we had a lesson with yesterday about temples and eternal marriage that the plan is for them to get married this week and I really think that they are ready. I think that Patricia especially is really excited about the possibility of a temple marriage in around a year. But this week the plan is for their marriage and the week after for baptism so we´ll see how it goes cause apparently the whole marriage thing is confusing enough as it is not that I really get why but mostly time I think.

It's interesting when you sit in a meeting like ward council and don't understand anything that goes on. I think i've discovered I can understand Portuguese much better the fewer people that are there. No not that but more like the more it's directed towards me but even then it's really iffy.

Also I think that my mom, well family in general, will be somewhat tickled to know that people here think I need to eat more too. So its not just a you thing mom. Its an everyone thing apparently. Members and whatnot have told me in the past few days I need to eat more. That by the time I leave here, not sure if this is Ă“bidos or the mission, I should gain at least 5 kilos. So yeah. Apparently people in every country think I need more substance. But yeah. This is all for now. Talk to you all later. Love you guys.

The one with a bunch of people is the elders quorum which ended up being pretty much if you´re a preisthood holder join in. But the guy in the suit front row is the bishop. So yeah. Just fun facts.

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