Monday, February 22, 2016

A Hike

News from Elder Monzingo. The best part, there are pictures!

So today we got up this morning and went on a hike with some of the
young men in our ward to this old fort thing that's up in the jungle
rather large hill thing. There was a lot of old cannons that were
rusted and, well unusable but were really cool. Apparently there are
monkeys in that area but we didn't see any. Which was somewhat oh well.
Wish we could've ran into some but probably better that we didn't. But
that was cool. Some pictures are included. But this is the last week
of the transfer and both me and my companion are hoping we don't get
moved. Cause our couple Patricia and Edson, gave us the stuff we need
for their marriage yesterday we are sending it off tomorrow but they
wont be officially married until March 4th. So hoping this all works
out in our favor as far as transfers go. Cause well yeah. But we had 5
investigators in church yesterday, four of them are all neighbors and
truthfully might as well be one giant family. There was also a lot of
less active members in church. Apparently the Elders quorum president
extended a challenge to invite a less active friend that they know to
church so we have 1-2 families with a less active parent and nonmember
parent and kids that we are going to visit this coming week. Hopefully
we can help the less active members to remember the joy of the gospel
and bring their families in with them. Cause Really the goal is the
temple and that's where I'm trying to get our investigators and all
those other less actives. Cause there they get so many more blessings
than they really know. So I really hope we can help. Also I really
like it when people are honest with me about whether or not they
understood me with our lessons. Cause its important that they do.
Otherwise they cant progress and grow. It sucks when you ask a bunch
of people if they understood you they all say yes but then one of them
asks a question that you already explained the answer to and they all
tell your companion they didn't understand. It would be much nicer if
they just said they didn't understand the first time. It really sucks
not being understood. My companion understands me pretty much all the
time. Its only really when I don't know what I'm saying that he doesn't
know. But that's also probably because he spends 24/7 listening to my
Portuguese. So hopefully I can get this Portuguese thing to the point
where people understand me. I love you guys

Elder Monzingo

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