Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Day Late

A day late, but here is the latest from Elder Monzingo:

So hello everyone. This is a bit late. But yesterday at the chapel
after my companion finished with his email stuff the internet for the
whole town was out. So we were told that I could do it today before
almoƧo. But this week was better than the week before with Carnaval.
Cause its over. But its funny cause this one guy we passed in the
street was talking with someone else about how God helps him because
of carnaval when the reality is that people participating in Carnaval
really dont get much help. The whole place sleeps all day and drinks
all night. Seriously. But we have much more investigators now than
that week. There are unfortunately like one or two of them I think
that dont seem very interested. Which kinda sucks. For them and me.
Cause I know it will help them but they dont necessarily seem to be
very interested. So Yeah. Some other people that we have yet to meet
with and some others we have look like they´ll be really cool
truthfully. One is a guy that lives close to the church building with
his family, currently its just him but i think we can probably talk to
him and his family and that would be cool. But an interesting thing
is, for some people, having to explain why specifically we dont keep
saturday as the sabbath day. Unfortunately Portuguese is probably the
only language that uses the same word for Sabbath and Saturday,
Sabado. So all the scriptures everywhere, BoM included, say Sabado. It
doesnt help that at times I just dont understand whats going on.
Fortunately my companion does. SO yeah. But thats this week. This past
Sunday at least in the U.S. was valentines day. Remember that love is
not exclusive to couples. You can and should show your love for
everyone as your brothers and sisters in whatever small way you can.
Literally a smile is all it takes and could make a big difference in
someones day. So dont forget that. I love all you guys.

Elder Monzingo

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