Tuesday, February 9, 2016


From Elder Monzingo:

So here in Brazil there is this thing called Carnival. Its taking
place nowish. I have to say it is super annoying. The closest thing
that I know of that is apparently somewhat comparable from what I know
is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Except more like that and multiply the
stuf by like 10 or something stupid largish like that. But as my
companion says FRICK CARNIVAL! For our mission and area we have to be
back in the house by 5:30-6ish in the evening. So since a lot of stuff
is a good walk away we´re lucky to get 2 appointments in a day. Also
this week we had zone conference and a day where it was a day for us
to clean our house. Like the zone leaders told the zone during zone
conference that Friday the whole day except almoƧo we had to clean our
house. So we did. it seriously took all day. We moved everything out
of the front room, our study area and into either the kitchen or on
the beds. Then we swept the 2 bedrooms, one of which is really just a
large closet more or less for us, and when I say swept I mean the
ceiling and the walls as well. Then we made a soap, bleach, water
water mixture to scrub the floors and so there was this reddish dirt
that was just kinda stuck on the floor that you had to really scrub at
to get off, then we squeegeed the water out and dryed it, moved all
the stuff back and repeated the process for the kitchen. Then I got to
do the bathroom, My companion said `When Elder Capello arrived he
cleaned the bathroom, when Elder Green arived he cleaned the bathroom,
when I arrived i cleaned the bathroom, and now Elder Monzingo will
clean the bathroom. So yeah. Fun times. And by fun I mean really super
tiring. I was honestly really tired. But this week we plan on sending
off the papers for 2 of our investigators to get married. It is kinda
annoying cause Its complicated cause it takes a while and different
lengths of time for different places. But they should be married in
like a week and the plan is for the baptism on the last day of the
transfer the 28th before church, I think before church. But thankfull
carnival ends for us this well tomorrow and then we can go back to
normal. Carnival for us started and ends earlier than just about
everywhere else. So i will be rather pleased when this is over. But or
now that really kinda sums up my week. Cause carnival, zone
conference, and the cleaning day stole all the rest of it. So yeah. I
love all you guys. Have fun.

Elder Monzingo

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