Sunday, January 17, 2016

Last Post From the MTC

Got this from Daniel last Wednesday. 

This week our roommates left and now it is only my companions and I in our room and it looks like it might be staying that way which would be sweet. I don't know that it will happen though. Not that I don't like having Brazilian roommates but its nicer when its just us. Also yesterday was President and Sister Swenson's last devotional here as MTC president and stuff. Their calling ends this week and then they are going back to Utah.

Also this past week, for those that don't know, My youngest brother got baptized. That is pretty cool and I'm sorry that I missed it. One of those things you wish you could be there for then you're like, oh well. Also my sister Elizabeth is in young womens. Not just this week but I think I just realized it. That's also kinda strange. I half wonder if I'm gonna get back and not recognize my siblings. Probably will be so. 

This week we had class outside one day, I think it was Thursday, and we got these plastic tools and a little discussion with one of our instructors, Irma Fabiana who is really awesome, and after a small gecko fell on Elder Hiller's head. That was cool. We kept him, took pictures then let him go. He walked straight off the windowsill and tumbled and fell three-ish stories. No Idea what happened to Larry. But oh well.
We have 6ish days left in the MTC. Our Branch president has said a few times that the temple may be the house of the Lord, but this is the house of the Holy Ghost. i think hes got that right. Im gonna miss having that. But yeah. Next time I email Ill be out in the field. No idea when Im going to get to email actually. So could be a while. I love all of you guys.

Elder Monzingo

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