Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In The Mission Field

Daniel is out of the MTC and into his first area in the mission. We wondered if we would hear from him today. We got an email with pictures from the mission president. Here are the pics and the letter:

Dear  Family Monzingo,
With great pleasure we inform you that Elder Monzingo arrived here in the Brazil Belem Mission on January 19, and is currently serving in city of Obidos, with his trainer Elder S. Oliveira.
Sister Stasevskas and I, along with the rest of the mission, are very excited to have your son serving here with us.
He has a great missionary spirit, with faith to do whatever the Lord commands. We would hope that you would, whenever possible, write letters to strengthen him and to encourage him in his missionary service. We give our sincere gratitude, and hope to keep in touch.
Yours truly
Sister and President Stasevskas

Obidos is on the Amazon River. It is west of Belem. Google maps couldn't give me directions so I can't tell you how long a trip it is. Google maps did tell me that current weather conditions are rainy and 77 degrees. Quick facts: Obidos is a muncipality in Para, Brazil located at the narrowest and swiftest part of the Amazon River. It's as old town founded in 1697. Population is 49,254. Thanks, Google.

UPDATE: (email from Daniel)

 So  yesterday I shipped out and and right now in the city BelĂ©m proper. But my area is actually a plane and a boat ride away. So I think I'm headed out within the next 2 days. but not sure other wise. My actual trainer is already in the area so I'm just kinda floating around with the people. I'm currently with an Elder that´s been out here for a while. Elder Black. But yeah. We had a change in the MTC presidency in the last week and a couple others in my MTC district and I got to go up to the MTC Presidents room because we were helping the current one at the time get the new ones bags up there. That was kinda cool. Today there was a missionary broadcast that was a training type thing that we got to watch which was truthfully rather cool. There were definitely times when I didn't understand and probably at least half of what I did was out of the context of the words that I did actually know. But my area if is pronounced like Obidos although I  doubt its spelled that way. I will figure that out eventually. So yeah. The flight out here whenever we were getting close to landing was rather cool. Looking out the window you could  see this massive expanse of water that was the river. It flowed around these smaller patchs  of land and such and was crazy. t was interesting to see. But that's really all for now.  Ill talk to you guys whenever P-day is. I love you guys .

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