Monday, December 5, 2016

Luciano! E vou ser Pai!

Cold and rainy here in Texas. Hot and rainy in Brazil. The missionary seems to be doing well. It will be a year this week that he has been in Brazil. Honestly, I think that fact impacts us more than him. Here is his latest news:

So this week we had been working with this guy Luciano. He got baptized this last Saturday. We took him out to eat at this pizza place afterwards which was fun. I enjoyed the time there with everyone. We've honestly been working pretty hard to get to this point with the people in general. I don't know. There are the people that say this area is harder but i kinda plan on changing that. Especially seeing as how this next week there will be another rather large change for the area. So this week we are having a Christmas activity(essentially super party) over 2 days with the WHOLE mission. So because of that there are some people that will be flying in from the far places to Belém. And because of all that we all know about the transfer today. So My companion Elder Gann is getting transferred next week. he's going to a far away place. I honestly really like the guy. he is awesome. Plus being from Texas is also super awesome. But I am actually going to train someone new. ENTÃO VOU SER PAI!!! So I gotta work his shoes off  his feet. Then whenever he has a companion that doesn't really work as hard or doesn't know how to he can give them a kick in the butt and get it all moving. So it's gonna be cool. I'm actually pretty excited for that. But it's gonna be new. i hope I can help him like he needs. I love you guys. Talk to you all next week.

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