Monday, December 12, 2016

The Mission Christmas

It's been a year now since our son left for Brazil. We miss him at the same time we are proud of him. He is doing well. We received a message from Sister Stasevskas (mission president's wife). After apologizing for her broken English (which really wasn't bad) she let us know how wonderful our missionary is doing. Here is his latest letter and a lot of pictures.

So we had this MASSIVE Christmas activity this week. All of the missionaries in our mission were there. Which is in and of itself a feat seeing as how there are like 3 zones that you have to catch a plane to get here in Belém. But everyone was here. It was awesome. We started out with this dinner Wednesday that also had some zone skits that were pretty cool. Although honestly, to tell the truth I think that our zone did the best. It was just hilarious. So yeah. But anywho, after all that on Thursday we went to this sports complex and played Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball. Also there was a rather small playground which some missionaries were playing on(Truthfully I started the playing on the small child sized playground with swings and slides and stuff everyone else was just kinda, Monkey see Monkey do). We also did this giant gift exchange with everyone having a secret santa sort of thing. That was cool. Although Ifeel as though most of the Elders received ties but whatever. Other than that I've been in a different area every day since then. Cause my Comp Elder Gann went off to his new area of Guanabara, Amapa, and my new companion doesn't get here until tomorrow because he's still in the MTC in São Paulo. So yeah. Being somewhat thrown around from area to area but it's fine. Elder Fonseca(My borrowed companion) and I are making the best of it. We like, super cleaned both of our houses. And now All is well. I think. Just gotta wait until the kid gets here. PORQUE VOU SER PAI!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't worry. It'll all be good. ALSO we had this awesome regional conference transmission to Brasil with Elder Holland, 1. I think he speaks Spanish. 2.He speaks very broken Portuguese. But it was all really very cool. I liked it a lot. 

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