Monday, November 21, 2016

Bright Lights and the...Oh Wait.

Another entry into the saga of our missionary. While we are enjoying a little cold snap in Texas, it is 88 (feels like 97) in Belem.

You know. Sometimes you don't really get just how convenient some things are until they have been snatched out of your reach. They cut the power for our apartment. Apparently other previous missionaries hadn't paid their light bills and whatever and it just so happens that it all ended up falling on us. SOOOO. We went. We paid the bills but unfortunately it should only be today that they are going to turn our lights back on.  Let's hope it all goes through well. But this week we had a big zone conference with the President. Who is somewhere in the middle of this picture. Also Challenge. Find me in the picture. It's like a giant Where's Waldo and i think it might be in a different form than most are expecting, But I'm there. So Good luck. I hope all accept. But it was good. I really liked it. And we started talking to this, like family, they're pretty cool. They were some old investigators that we decided to go back to. They were apparently from all we know going rather well. Not entirely sure what happened that they stopped visiting. But maybe whatever it is we can fix it. So Yeah. But I love you guys. 

Did you find him? I'll give you a clue. He's wearing a suit. He didn't take a suit with him. Of course I had to ask him where he got the suit.

Elder Green. The guy who was here before me in the area, had 2 and left one of them in the area. It's a bit long in the sleeves and his pants are 36x32 but other than that it fits fine. 

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