Monday, December 19, 2016


Anxiously counting down to Christmas Day when we get a phone call from our missionary. In the meantime here is his latest news:

This is my new companion. I'm his trainer. He's new. This is his first P-day in field. 

And this is from his first day. 

When we missed the stop on the bus and went wayyyyy too far, got late to our zone meeting, our lunch appointment didn't work out(we ate at subway instead), and then after suffering in the blistering heat for a while we became completely drenched walking through the rain. SO you can say that his day was certainly interesting. On top of it he was rather grateful for an interesting first day. But he's pretty cool. 

This next week we got a ward Christmas activity and Christmas on Sunday and a lot of stuff. It should be pretty cool. But it's also kinda funny. He's from the south of the country and is DYING out here in the heat. Like, the high temperature in his state(that he thinks is hot) Is like a very very rare low here. So yeah. Everyone's like "you got here at a good time, it isn't that hot and whatever". His reaction "If you guys think this is cold I'm gonna die whenever hot gets here" So yeah. It's kinda funny. But it should all be good. I love you guys. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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