Monday, November 7, 2016

Fun in the Hospital

The boy is not in the hospital. He is fine. His companion, however, was having some issues. In other news, he was made district leader, received one sock in the mail and was accepted to BYU.

So. Saturday I went to the hospital. Then we went back. At like 2:30 in the morning cause there were these really big waves of pain. So we took some blood tests, there was a pee test as well, and they gave us meds to treat what we are all pretty sure of. My companion has worms. he says it's not very fun and that he feels like crap. But up until now with the whole worms thing he's a pretty cool guy. Like I said last week (I think) he's from Texas. But he isn't having fun at all with the whole worms thing. And like we stayed home pretty much all day yesterday. So Like. hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday it's all good. He is really a hard worker though. He is doing a lot the time that he feels good to really work. Teach the people, find the people, all that stuff. This week taking out the works was cool. Our Bishop was President Stasevskas' first counselor until he got called as a Bishop. He is waaaayyyy excited to be doing all this missionary work in the ward. So I'm pretty excited to be working here. I feel like this place is about to explode with all the stuff. They are really focused on working together with the members and everything. But i am rather happy with this. This is gonna be rather fun I think. So lets enjoy the ride. I love you guys.

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