Monday, November 14, 2016


The picture commentary is the best. Love that boy! 

So I was needing some socks right. Cause my others were wearing out. i asked my family about it and they were ok, we will send socks. I now have 3 new socks. Because my family decided it would be a good idea to send the socks 1 at a time in different letters. I got a matching pair at least. And seeing as how they are getting here and we have a meeting this week I rather expect that I will get a lot of socks this week in like 20 different letters. So in homage to a great guy, he always tried to help people(even though his efforts were somewhat misguided at times) I took a few pictures. So yeah. Pictures below. Enjoy. I did. But the week went well. My companion started off with the whole worm thing but it's all good now. He's feeling a lot better. So this coming week should really be even better than the last. But yeah. I love you guys. Have an amazing week


ALSO I just found out it's International Bible day. So HAPPY BIBLE DAY!!!!!! We like the Bible. It's great. Usually. and yeah. So read your Bibles. 

If you are now thinking you should send this cheeky monkey a sock, his address is:
Elder Daniel Monzingo
Av. Nazaré, 532 Sala 412 4º Andar
Nazaré Royal Trade Center
66035-135 Belém - PA

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