Monday, July 18, 2016


This week's correspondence from our favorite missionary. This is the mass email he sends and I've added some thing he sent to me.

AWESOME!!!! Truthfully the bread didn´t quite have the best flavor but
we´ll try to fix that next time. It was great other than that. Like
perfect. I just need pancakes and waffles and stuff. Like everyday.
Only I can´t have maple syrup cause maple doesn´t exsist here so I´ll
have to fix that some how. Not sure how though. But anywho this week
was really cool. We have this family that we are teaching that at
least the daughter(like 16ish years old) goes to a assembleia de deus.
They yell a lot there. And do funny things that make no sense
whatsoever. But We had already taught the family the restoration and
this was like a week ago and so like we showed her a picture of the
temple and then the prophets and apostles and seventies and things
like that cause it was that page in the ensign or liahona that has all
of them in the conference edition that I may or may not have ripped
out and am currently carrying around, But then I retaught the
restoration with a member that was there while my companion was
talking with her dad and teaching a little and whatever and at the end
I asked if she had questions or doubts and she said she wanted to know
the truth. And you know those people that like you invite them to do
something and then promise that something will happen if they do and
then they do it? Well at least this time she was one of those people.
We went back the next day cause we had scheduled to go back the next
day with them and teach and she said that she prayed and got her
answer, the church is true and the gospel is true. And you know that
feeling when like, someone really did what you asked them to do and
did the whole prayer with real intent and got the answer and then
you´re just like happy? Especially cause like 2 days ago wasn´t the
best cause sick companion and then the following day weird stuff
happened that happened and you didn´t get all that you wanted done and
then someone gets and answer. Cause that was awesome. She went to
church yesterday and another activity that is essentially mission prep
class that we, the missionaries, do for the 2 wards of the city. This
family is great. I really hope I get to stay here for a while with
them. But ho knows. We´ll find out eventually. But like really. Super
super super super uper duper schmuper AWESOME!!!. But I love you guys.
Talk to yáll later

Temples are awesome. I need like, an expandable
pocket temple with temple workers and everything so that when I want a
temple  I can have one at anytime. Also ice cream here is not the
same. Ice cream is Ice cream but there is better. Also milk isn´t
really milk. Like I would never drink the milk here alone without
throwing in chocolate or something. But milk there definitely. Milk
here just doesn´t taste all that great.

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