Monday, April 18, 2016

The Transfer

Always glad to hear from Elder Monzingo. Especially when there are pictures!

So truthfully I wasn't here in Óbidos for most of the week. Cause of said transfer. We left for Santarém on Monday and got there TuesdayTuesday Elder S. Oliveira left for Belém and then I went on a division
with the people there in the zone leader´s house which went well. But my companion for the day was somewhat new in the area so directions at times were a little bit iffy.

Wednesday Elder Borges got to Santarém and then we left for Óbidos that night. So really we´ve only been here
3 or 4 days but it´s been good. Elder Borges is awesome. I like him quite a bit. He brought some ideas that I hadn't necessarily thought of doing before that I think will really be able to help us
work a lot more with the members and to not just help our
investigators but the members as well. 

We also had a service project Saturday that has truthfully been going on for a while I just don't know if I´ve mentioned it. It´s this project to clean up the different neighborhoods here in Óbidos. But we filled up this dump truck thingy with trash and different tree bits and whanot 3 times I think this time around. It was a lot. But it was good. I rather enjoyed the opportunity to do it.

But yeah. That´s about it for this week I think.
Everything is going well. Really being out here to do what I can for
people is great. I love you guys.

Oh I forgot. We made lasagna for lunch yesterday. It turned out really
rather good. And I took a picture with said lasagna that looks
somewhat terrifying in my opinion but also really rather funny. So

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