Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stake and Zone Conference and Transfers

This week we are treated to a lengthy letter from Elder Monzingo. Today's weather conditions in Obidos 79 degrees, feels like 85 and thunderstorms:

Alright. So this week was kinda busy and truthfully I half feel like
it was spent more out of the area than in. But firstly we had our zone
conference this past week in Santarém. We took the boat got there
and then had a zone ``council.´´ A little like Elder Ballard talked
about in conference. (https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04/family-councils?lang=eng) But it was a lot about how we can get better and work more with the members and was really cool. It was really a good
idea to make sure that everyone got their own little bit of input. I
think that´s definitely important for any type of council. Otherwise
it´s more of a...I don´t know, dictatorship, maybe.

We then returned and the next day went to the stake conference in Oriximiná.
That was pretty cool, we had a boat ride that was during the day for
once and got to talk a lot with the members and such while we were out
there. But we had the temple president from Manaus there with his wife
and they are pretty cool. They´re also rather funny. But it went good
overall the conference in general. 

We also got transfer notifications on said day. My companion, Elder S. Oliveira, has been
moved. He´s going to Barcarena, close to Belém, and is actually going
to be a zone leader. So it should be a pretty cool experience for him.
Truthfully I´m a little weirded out cause it´s the first transfer that
is actually in some way affecting me, as in different place or
companion. I know it´ll all be fine but first times for just about
everything are a little weird generally. 

Overall this week has gone rather well. We were going to have a baptism this Saturday, but
when we got back from Santarém that day and went to go talk to said
person and then go to the baptism with her she was running and hiding
from us. Apparently someone told her that we are members of a demon
church and baptism involves blood sacrifices or something along those
lines. And I really don't understand why people make up things like
that. We think we calmed her down and hopefully she doesn´t think that
anymore. I hope it doesn´t really change too much the direction
she´s going. She was really excited for it and she´s been going to
church and reading the Book of Mormon and everything. She has felt the
spirit if it was even just a little bit. 

When people say something that is offensive or bad talks the church or whatever about the
church don't just believe it. If it places some doubt in your head
pray about it. Heavenly Father loves you. He wants us all to be happy
and the only way to, as the scriptures say, a fullness of joy, is
through the church. The whole purpose of the gospel is happiness. The
scriptures call the gospel a plan of happiness. If you really follow
the plan, do what is right, and keep the commandments, really life can
be even happier than you can imagine. I love all you guys. Don´t
forget to pray, a lot. ``Pray always that ye may come off conqueror,
yea that ye may conquer Satan, and that ye ma escape the hands of the
servants of Satan which do uphold his work.´´(D&C 10:5) Pray always
and really nothing can prevent you from being happy.

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