Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day..uh..Four. Yeah. It's Day Four.

So, at the beginning of our grand adventure with E this week, I fully envisioned getting things done. I'd keep us all on track with chores and school work. Ha! The reality check was today. I can't say we accomplished nothing. We did the dishes. The kids spent most of the day outside in the sunshine. It started with a picnic. The picnic just never ended. I did mention to the children that we should get some of our lessons done. E replied that they were doing P.E. outside. Well. She was right and, honestly, I was tired today.

I do enjoy watching the kids outside. They seem to get so much just from the sunshine. They ran. They played. They looked for bugs and flowers. The boys pestered the girls. The girls pestered the boys right back. I regret that I didn't spend more time out there with them. I get too worried about dirty dishes and laundry. Seriously, it will still be there. Tomorrow I will ignore it and just go play.

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