Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Two

I hate the first week of daylight savings time. Maybe even the first two weeks. That's about how long it takes me to adjust. I don't mind the illusion of more daylight. I just don't like making the transition. I didn't get out of the house until 7:30 this morning. Everything but my clock seemed to move in slow motion. It was nearly lunchtime when I got back home.

Our guest hadn't seen High School Musical whatever number it was. Honestly, I can't tell the difference. Maybe I'm past the age of HSM discernment. Hannah decided to put the movie on instead of getting chores done this morning. Daniel was the only one actually working and he was not doing that with much grace. He spent a good portion of the day grumping at everyone that was not performing to his standard.

The boys did manage to finish their chores. While they didn't do a perfect job, it was enough that they got to spend the night at the Martin's tonight. The girls were a different story. Chores were not done so well. We ran out of dishwasher detergent and apparently the dish liquid irritates their delicate skin. I really didn't have the time or inclination to fight them too much on this today. I was already dealing with sick kids and sick husband.

Oh, did I mention that Kermit was having some intestinal distress today? Could he have timed it worse? Not that he really has any control, but we have a visitor. No one is supposed to be sick this week. Elizabeth and Jacob seem to have colds. I'm really, really hoping that E doesn't get sick. I'm really, really hoping that whatever Kermit has is not contagious. We just can't get sick right now. There never is a good time to get sick, but this week is just farther into the realm of 'not good'.

P.S. Kaysie and the baby were released from the hospital. They are staying at Dad's house for now. Still waiting on Jamie.

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