Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Wow! Did we ever get snow! Record setting amounts, according to the local weathermen. I believe it. More snow than I've seen since moving to Texas. It started in the wee hours Thursday morning. It did not stop until the wee hours of Friday morning. I've heard reports of over 12". This is not a big deal for those places used to seeing snow, but in TEXAS! Wow. It is a big deal. The kids were delighted. We didn't get anything done. They spent most of Thursday outside. Kermit even went outside for a snowball fight. The big kids rolled snowballs, but Joe was the only one who managed to make a snowman. Snickelfritz the cat was fun to watch. He was making snowballs and chasing them. Annie went outside to bark at the snow. She wasn't too thrilled with the snow and chose to spend most of the time inside.

Friday was not quite as fun. I woke up to find that we had no electricity. Everything in my house runs on electricity. We were not alone. Power outages everywhere. In our immediate area 35,000 were without power. I heard over 200,000 in Dallas were without power. We didn't get ours back until Saturday afternoon. It was illuminating. That is to say, we were terribly unprepared for an emergency of this sort. It puts a new urgency on our plans to become more energy independent.

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