Sunday, February 7, 2010


One New Year resolution realized. One broken before I even had time to pick up the confetti.

Today, for the first time since church moved to 9:00 am, we were on time. We were even early. It only almost counts. We had two boys sick and Kermit stayed home with them. So, we weren't all there. But I'll take it. I'd resolved to be on time at least once. Now, the goal is to be on time with all of us there.

On New Year's Day, actually before, I decided that I would be more consistent with my blog. I was so certain that I could sit down at least once a week and write. I really would like to write everyday. I'm not sure that what happens everyday would be blog-worthy, but it would be a good habit and needed practice. Obviously, everyday is an overly ambitious goal. I'll stick to once a week. I am determined to not focus what I have failed to accomplish. This week will be better.

I'd like to be more diligent studying scripture. I think I can accomplish that. I'd love to have a clean house, but I don't have much faith in that happening. I simply do not have the fortitude to fight the 6 tornadoes that live in this house.

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