Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunshine. Where Did You Go?

This day started out with so much promise. The sun was spectacular. It seemed to radiate joy. It was impossible to not be happy on such a glorious, rain-free day. But now, the clouds have moved back in and it is dreary and cold. Sunshine, please come back. I am so tired of the rain. No, that's not accurate. I have no quarrel with the rain. However, I am somewhat displeased with the mud. The mud is everywhere. The ground is so soft I can't even take a decent walk around the property. I like to send the kids out everyday, but then I remember the mud. A little bit of mud is OK. It can even be fun. Too much mud is not fun. Mud everyday for weeks and weeks is not fun. We have too much mud.

On the lighter side, this was posted on my daughter's bedroom door:

"H's Rules"
1. No screaming.
2. Do whatever H says.
3. Help me with school.
4. Be nice.
5. Be entertaining.
6. Be mean to D.
7. Don't ask stupid questions.
8. Always color.
9. Go to church.
10. Eat lots of Girl Scout cookies.

On seperate bits of paper:

"Never do what D says."

"If you trip over stuff, that's your fault."

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