Friday, April 3, 2009

Friendly Visit

My friend, my lovely, wonderful, fabulous friend is coming to visit tomorrow. I don't get to see her as often as I like, so her arrival will be greeted with much joy. The kids absolutely adore her. She has been like a Pied Piper to them. There will be a flurry of activity as they each compete to get more of her attention. At some point, if we are fortunate, they will go do their own thing. If they cannot decide to go of their own accord, I will stronly urge them to find a new distraction. And then it will be my turn to try to bring as much joy to my friend as she brings to me. Everyone should have a friend like mine. She is optimistic, generous, loving, and funny. She never makes her bed and her house is just as cluttered as mine. I think she owns a watch. However, it doesn't really coincide with the rest of the world. I always tell her a 30-45 minute earlier start time if I want her to be on time. She listens with all her attention. She is fiercely loyal. Yes. Everyone should have a friend like mine. I consider myself very fortunate to have one such as her.

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  1. Indeed, I agree and wholly concur. I also think everyone should have a friend like my friend, who is creative, patient, spiritual, kind, loving, and has the funniest kids EVER. :o)
    Both of these lovely ladies are encouraging to and beloved by so many, and they need to know it. You each have inspired me so much throughout my life, I know, and you twinkle in my eyes like the sparklies I like so much.
    -Jaime Rae