Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Never....

"I will never live in Dallas."
I've lived in Dallas for about 13 years and loved it.

"I will never get married." and/or "I will never get married before 30."
Kermit and I have been married 13 years. It's not a very long time. I just can't imagine where I'd be without him. Oh. I was 26 when I got married.

"I'm a city girl. I'll never live in the country."
Oh boy. Where do I start on that one? Not only do I live in the country and love it, I own chickens.

"I'll never drive a Suburban."
Just bought a charcoal grey Suburban. I am officially a SUV-driving soccer mom.

The point is, never say never. Wait a minute. I just said "never". Hmmm. not sure how to get around that. Maybe it should be "never say never about the silly things."

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