Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hannah Homecoming

After a week of being spoiled rotten in Arkansas, my Hannah is home. She has mixed feelings about being home. She called on the way to the airport to find out if she could stay longer. She thought it would be a great idea if she stayed until Easter. Lindy even called to put in her vote for the idea. I think "no" popped out of my mouth before the mark punctuated the question. I'm glad that Hannah has family and friends that love her and that want her around. Everyone should feel so loved. BUT, we love her, too. It's time to be home. It's time to have my family intact.

It is endlessly fascinating to me how much difference in the dynamics of the family one person can make. Hannah is a lively center of attention. She gets the party started. She is a great help. The little kids love her. But, there is more noise when she is home. That's OK. We love her, as is.

I picked her up from the airport. She had a lot to say about her week. It was good for her. She spent time with her favorite cousin. They watched movies. Went shopping with Franny. Took lots of pictures. Aunt Jada did her hair. Hannah didn't like having to sit for that. She wishes that she had gotten to see Gramma Ellene. Overall, it sounds like a good time.

Now she is home. Jacob was a bit shy of her at first. Sarah was ready for her to be home, as was Elizabeth. The boys I think were glad to have her back, but they would never admit it.

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