Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Angela and Jambu

The latest news from Brazil:

So this picture is Angela at her baptism. 

It was this week and It's somewhat sad I wasn't able to be present for her baptism. I stayed working with her for quite a while before we had to let her go. She wasn't all the way ready. But this week I received the news and the picture. And I am so happy that she finally got baptized. She's from my last area. 

But the week went well. I was super happy Sunday, cause this one family that we're working with a lot came to church. Like, they got there late and it was even better because of that. I'm very happy for them. especially seeing as how they are all working together to get it all done. But that just goes to show what we need to do. We gotta have some people around us to help us keep going and do what's right always. Because if not. Then it doesn't work out. I love you guys

Jambu Fruit

Zone Conference

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