Monday, June 12, 2017


I totally do not understand the meaning of the title of his email this week. I was at work when it came and didn't have a chance to ask. Also, I notice a disparity between how he feels about the time he has left in the mission and how we at home feel. Here is the fabulous new email for the week.

The time passes really freaking fast. Not the biggest fan of that. Seeing as how this week I reached technically a milestone. 3/4ths is gone. That's weird. But, we celebrated with a crap ton of Guarana. Which was awesome.

And I used my(rather limited) Theatre knowledge to kinda half make myself old. Which worked out. Except no. I didn't really have much in the way of supplies so I used what I had on hand. Which sorta worked out.

But, This week we had the baptism of Michael. He's a really cool kid. He's gonna turn 12 this week I think. But his brother is already a member and honestly they both are going great. They both work together on the gospel stuff and are reading the scriptures and whatnot all together. SO this is being a big thing for the family. I really hope that this helps their parents gain more interest about the gospel in general.

 But I love you guys.

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