Tuesday, February 14, 2017

FHE & Oreos

Cold, wet day in Texas. Hot, wet day in Belem, Brazil. 


Today a member gave me some oreos. They're super expensive here so I pretty much never buy them. Now I just need to buy some good milk that tastes good and stuff and it'll be awesome. But That's sorta kinda hard to find. So let's see what gives. 

But beginning of this week we had this Family Home Evening with this group of young men and this couple. They are awesome. All of them are neighbors and we're teaching 2 of the young men. The other ones are all members but we're working with them too. It was pretty fun. 

Also stick pull there is with our new Ward Mission Leader's oldest boy. He's pretty fun although he's forgetting the english that he used to know which is disappointing. But the rest of the week was cool. Like, there were some things that didn't go quite as well as we would have lked but for the most part it all worked out. We are starting to work more with our Ward Mission as there is new leadership that is rather interested in actually working. So it should all be good. But yeah.

 Also i'd like to ask a favor. If you guys could throw Elder Simião from my district in your prayers. The guy is starting his mission but he's starting out with some difficulties and a few health problems but all the help that he could get would be awesome. I love you guys

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