Monday, October 24, 2016


So, he also sent a video. I will post it later. It's pretty fun. Can't understand much of what he is saying since he is speaking in Portuguese. Until I get that posted enjoy this update:

I Just came back from this Mexican restaurant (the only one I think that exists in Brazil) Which is owned by this guy from the Dominican Republic. AND IT WAS AMAZING!!! Those were some of the most satisfying Fajitas that I have ever eaten in my life. Like seriously. You guys have no idea how happy I am with this.  Like seriously.

But this week went well. We ran into this lady the other day, taught here the restoration and Sunday she brought a friend to church with her. That was really cool. It could be something along the lines of "I ain't going alone so drag her along too." But whatever the case may be they were there. 

We have been working with these 2 guys to be baptized this week. One of them is going really good. The other one, although he likes the messages and he enjoys learning and everything, he plays in the band of his church. And because of that he has a bit of a problem with wanting to stay more in the band with people he knows than following an answer. What I don't like is that we aren't exactly sure what else we can do. We have ideas but at the same time there are moments when you feel like you've done pretty much everything with one person that you could do and now the choice is up to them. And this is one of those moments. But we are looking for even more things to do than we have even though we aren't sure. But yeah. I love you guys. 

Here is our Mexican restaurant.

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