Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Cooking Show

News from the missionary. If you are thinking of sending him packages for birthday/Christmas better mail it soon. The last package took about 2 months to get to him.

So Me and one of my roomates made a cooking show in portuguese. Just that I'm speaking Portuguese in an american accent, which is honestly really hard to do, and I would send it to you guys just that it's really big. And doesn't want to upload. So We'll figure it out and probably send it next week. But this week was good. We were working a lot on finding people. Because the other people we were teaching stopped really wanting to do the whole gospel thing. Which sucks. A lot. But it is what it is. So. We found some people. there was this guy we were teaching and we invited him to church. He said this week he wouldn't be able to make it because he had a business trip this weekend. No sooner than the words left his mouth he recieved a phone call that told him his trip was cancled. And in the end he didn't show up for church. But that was awesome at least. Because that was definitely God saying "go to church." Which was cool. He likes us usually. Also Brazil has daylight savings time. Just ParĂ¡, the state I'm in, has decided that it doesn't care and that daylight savings time is for sissys. Especially seeing as how no matter what it's blistering sun. The heat miser has total control over this place. SO yeah. That's it. I love you guys

Also this is a funny but true sign. (Jesus wants to help but you have to want it too)

Also this is us on Children's Day

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