Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where Were Your Shoes?

A few weeks ago I taught a lesson to the Beehives on journals. While preparing the lesson I found a website that has a daily writing prompt. This was the first one. I love it. I ask a similar question to my kids almost every day. It is a constant struggle to keep up with shoes. More accurately we seem to have much trouble finding matching pairs of shoes. We are quite able to find shoes of all sorts in every corner of our home. It is entirely different matter to find two of a kind.

Sunday mornings are sometimes hectic. There always seems to be a mad dash out the door as we try desperately to not be late for church. One particular Sabbath, I didn't have time to inspect the kids as we rushed out. I remember seeing Joseph's bare feet and telling him that he could put his shoes on in the car. We arrived and I began to help everyone out. Joseph was still without anything on his feet.

"Joseph. Put your shoes on."

"I don't have any shoes."

"Where are your shoes?"

"I left them at home."

Since then, we lay out our church clothes (and shoes!) the night before and I make sure I do an inspection, no matter how late we are.

There was a time when I rarely wore shoes. It was simply more comfortable to be without. College graduation I didn't put on my shoes until I absolutely, positively had to. I had a pair of strappy sandals that I kept under my robe, but not on my feet. Graduation ceremonies were held in the football stadium. That grass was so fresh and soft and squishy. It was heaven for my feet. I did finally put them on when it was time to walk across the stage. I didn't really want to wear them, but I didn't want to embarrass Molly. (Molly Risso was director of theatre.)

I still don't like shoes. Most times it doesn't really bother me if my kids don't want to wear them. I've even read that it is better to go barefoot. However, it does bother me when we can't find them when they are wanted. Sometimes you just have to have them. Actually, I need my shoes right now and I can't find them.

Stupid shoes.

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