Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day - late, I know, I know.

Happy Mother's Day. It's been a quiet day. I didn't sleep much last night, but Jacob and I took a lovely, long nap this afternoon. Kermit fixed breakfast. I had a nice soak in a very hot bath with only one interruption. The kids made cards. Elizabeth's was a mini-book about us walking to the mailbox. Hannah's said that I am special because I love her. Joseph's was a depiction of his older brother's demise. Jacob and Sarah only had one fight about whose momma I am. It was a nice mostly quiet day.

It's obvious that Mother's Day brings thoughts of..well...Mom. I wish that I could have done more for mother this year (I wish the same thing every year). That is the down side of living far away and having no money. It would've been nice to be able to at least send flowers or a gift card for photo supplies. A visit would have even been better. We haven't been to visit since Christmas. I like spending time with my family and my mom can be fun.

No child really appreciates their mother until they are out of the house. When I was younger, I was a little bit afraid of my mother. She had a temper. I always said, "When I have kids, I'll NEVER loose my temper." Ha. I lost my temper first and then my sanity. I can't say that I'm glad that I discovered that I was more like Mom than I thought, but I can understand.

Another thing I didn't really like when I was a kid was chores. Seriously, what kid really likes chores? I was certain that they were a form of torture. Not until I grew up was I glad for what I learned about the value of work. I'm still in awe of how organized my mother is. She's fabulous. I try, but can't quite get to her level. I always feel like my own efforts are just pretending and I sense the chaos waiting at the edges to take over.

I learned to love reading from my grandmother, but I learned to love Star Trek from my mom. Everytime the reruns would come on, we were watching. When the first Star Trek movie came out we were standing in a line that wrapped around the movie theatre. I attended my first Star Trek convention with my mom and my little brother. We met George Takei! It was so cool.

Actually, we watched a lot of movies together. I remember watching "The Champ". We cried our eyes out. Every Friday night, one of the local channels would play a classic monster movie. I love that my mom spent that time with me. The memory of those times still warm my heart.

I think I should also mention that my mom has a great laugh, she is a fabulous cook, and she likes to dance. I have a great mom.

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