Thursday, May 6, 2010

Danger Dogs

Jacob and Sarah were playing puppy dogs. That is the game where you pretend to be a puppy. You run on all fours like a puppy. You drink like a puppy. You bark like a puppy. It's fun for them. It's kind of fun to watch them. Except for this last time. According to Sarah, Jacob doesn't know how to play this game very well. He slipped while running like a puppy and we think he broke his arm. Yippee.

I spent three hours at the hospital with him. There is a lot of waiting at the hospital. Although, this wasn't as much waiting as when he broke his leg. The physician's assistant looked at the x-rays and couldn't find anything. The doctor on duty looked at the x-rays and couldn't find anything. They told me that the radiologist would be back in the morning. I could call and find out what he had determined. Jacob's arm was splinted and we left.

The next day, I call the the orthopedic doctor. It will be a week before Jacob can be seen. Kermit talked to the radiologist. He couldn't say anything definitive. So, Jacob's arm, that may or may not be broken, is splinted for a week until we get to see the bone doctor, who may not know anything either. AAUUUGGHHH!!!!

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