Monday, April 10, 2017

Two for One

Last week the Monzingo house had the plague. Well. Not the actual plague (which is still a thing). But three kids and one mom all had some fast and furious stomach bug. Hence the lack of letter from our favorite missionary. We may not have actually been dying, but it felt like it. I will now attempt to make amends by including both last week's and this week's correspondence. Enjoy!


So first things first. This is officially the first time I have ever seen any form f peanut butter to be sold since I've gotten in Brazil. (Except for some rare circumstances in which these workout supplement stores sell this version that has no flavor). I wanted to do a price check. I found out that to buy this 
rather small thing of peanut butter it'll cost me R$25. Sooooooo, not worth it. but this week was interesting. We had some days that went well and didn't. They were good because we worked a lot. They were not as good because few people received us. BUT, it's all awesome! We had general conference. (All those who have no idea what that is it's this meeting in which the members of the church have a chance to hear the church leaders and the living prophet speak to us. Link included here)
But I aabsolutely loved it. Any chance that we have to listen to these people is great. I particularly enjoyed the talks of D. Todd Christofferson and Joaquin E. Costa. those 2 were awesome. But that's pretty much it for no. So little time and So much to do. i love you guys


I gotta say I love stir fry. It's the best. It's super simple you can make a lot and a family in the ward made it for our lunch appointment. That was awesome. I ate a lot. And even after all that we all ate there was still this giant pot full of stir fry. That was amazing. But the week went well. A lot of work. Ran into some pretty cool people. One of these people, Samuel, is really a cool guy. he went to church yesterday but only for the first hour. That was awesome. He enjoyed it. He's also starting to read the Book of Mormon and now we just got to get him to pray. We also were gonna help the sisters in our district move but there was a bunch of confusion with when it was going on and we didn't even know it had happened until after the fact and they didn't have any help. Which reminds me. If you need help ask for it.
2 Scriptures that tell us to ask. When we do so and we need help rally our Heavenly Father and those that are around us can and do help. Don't resolve to not ask for help because you think that you might lready know the answer or something like that. Be willing to ask, And then be willing to receive. 
I love you guys
Elder Monzingo

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