Monday, April 17, 2017

Marambaia bye bye

Daniel is in a new area. I think it is not too far from his previous area. At least, that is how it looks on Google Maps. But he is doing well and wanting a chocolate bunny for Easter.

Welp. It happened. Marambaia is now in the past. I got transferred today. Fortunately I was able to run into my new companion rather quickly. His name is Elder Moroni, we will be serving together in the Castanheira ward. It's gonna be interesting this transfer. He's from the same group as my son Elder Kunzel and the 2 are really good freinds. SO I've actually heard quite a bit about him. But it was interesting leaving Marambaia. I said goodbye to some people but not all of the people that I wanted to. Unfortunately time doesn't allow everything. But it was kinda interesting leaving the area. We kinda already knew it was going to happen and so we were able to go throughout the week saying goodbye. So that much was good. But I'm gonna miss that place. It was an awesome area. I really loved to talk and interact with the members our recent converts and our investigators were all going well. I'm pretty happy with how I left the area for the next guy. But new area, new zone. This week we're gonna find out how the whole place works and what's up. 
I love you guys

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