Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Once when we were coming back to Texas after visiting family in Oklahoma, my husband remarked that the return trip always seemed shorter. Actually it was more than just a remark. He said something smart-aleky about the car liked Texas better. After 20-ish years of living in the Dallas area, I have figured out why it takes so long to get to Oklahoma. It has nothing to do with vehicular preference. Apart from the fact that we never leave at the planned time, the largest factor in our inability to escape the city is the 562 things we try to do on our way out of town.

This most recent trip is an example. I thought we would leave about 1:00. We had a few things to do. On paper they sounded simple enough. So, here is the list.

1. Go to high school get Daniel.
2. Drop off dry cleaning. 
3. Take Hannah's friend home.
4. Get Miles.
5. Pick up prescription for Miles. 
6. Drive north.

Seems a simple enough plan. Except that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING takes much, much longer than anticipated. Just getting out of the door takes longer. All the very simple, seemingly small things we intend to do take about 30 minutes. Each. Which means it takes us about 6 hours to get to the Red River. It's surreal. I look at the list now and still can't believe it took us so long. But it is like that every time we try to go anywhere. There is always just a few small things that slow us down. 

Maybe I need a new super power. The awesome and amazing ability to get out of Texas in a reasonable amount of time.

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