Saturday, August 9, 2014


Here we are in beautiful Arkansas.

Sculpture at Crystal Bridges Art Museum.

We made it. My mother and apparently her little dogs were anxious for our arrival. It didn't actually take too log. We stopped in Adair to see Grandpa. He filled what empty spaces I had in the vehicle with Gramma's collection of baskets. I am now the proud owner of a LOT of baskets. When he asked me if I wanted them I really had no concept of the number. 

After packing the Suburban to the gills we traveled on to Arkansas. We were enthusiastically greeted by four little dogs and one Grandmother. We had a short respite and then went to the waterfall. I think it had a name. It didn't seem to much matter. The kids liked climbing on the rocks and wading in the stream. Joe didn't even mind when he slipped on a rock and cut his knee.

Today we spent at Crystal Bridges. It is an art museum and there are also hiking trails. It is a beautiful place. The purpose today was senior pictures. I think we'll have to go back another time and explore some. We didn't even make it into the inside portion of the museum. The kids quickly hot and tired and hungry. They just didn't last long at all. Daniel may actually have been the worst. He was not excited about pictures. He tolerated the production. He loves us. Hopefully, he will be as willing for the studio portion.

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