Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bacon Bar and Grill

This is our third full day visiting family in Oklahoma. The kids are having a grand time. First, Grandad has a swimming pool. The kids have wanted to swim every day as soon as they wake up. Almost the entire first day was spent outside, which explains are varying states of crispiness. I really thought I had done a better job applying sunscreen. The second day a little less time was spent in the pool, and most of that was during time that didn't have a lot of sun.

The next big excitement is cousins. The cousins are younger but that doesn't seem to matter much. Even Daniel and Hannah will play with the little ones. So, of course, the Oklahoma cousins think their Texas cousins are the coolest. I think Jacob is the only one not completely enamored with the little cousins. They are girls and when one is six it is common knowledge that girls have cooties.

I love family. I have loved sitting and listening to my sisters. I have loved sharing a sunrise with my dad. Today a plethora of cousins will be descending. I miss this a bit. All my Oklahoma kin are so close. They have proximity and see each other. We are not without extended family in Texas but we don't visit often. We are just spread out a little too far.

There is something special about growing up with your cousins and being able to spend time with your grandparents or aunts and uncles without your parents around. I loved being at my grandmother's house. Once my sister and my brother and I decided that we should go see her. She lived on the opposite side of town. We got on my bike. All of us. With Jada behind me and Miles in the basket that was attached to the handlebars I pedaled that bike across town to Gramma's. It seems terribly daring to me now. I have no idea how that bike (or the kids for that matter) made it without incident. At the time it seemed a perfectly logical way to travel.

We have one more day here. Tomorrow we'll go to Arkansas to see my mother. I am so grateful for this chance to be here. I love my family. I wish we could come more frequently. Maybe the next visit will be the Oklahoma kin taking a tour of Texas.

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