Friday, January 1, 2010

Fireworks - Just Add Water

Yes. Fireworks will go off in the rain. Not a heavy downpour, but a light misting and soggy ground are not sufficient deterent to colorful flames.

The ground is wet. Sopping, soaking muddy wet. That did not stop our New Year's Eve guests from lighting off the fireworks that have been hibernating in my closet since July. The cold temperatures, however, did stop all but the most dedicated. Kermit's nephew, our middle son, and a couple of others were the pyrotechnic stalwarts. The rest of us decided that a cozy fire and games were a better way to spend a damp New Year's Eve. (Thank you, Genie, for bringing some fun games.)

I think everybody had a good time. I hope, anyway, that everyone had a good time. We stayed up too late. We ate good food. The company was good.


  1. Brandi thanks for invite! Sorry we had to miss it. Our family gift for Christmas was to go see the Stars play last night.
    Sounds like you all had a GREAT time!

  2. Hi Brandi! I am stalking your blog and I love it - you are funny!
    I just had to comment about the small objects and small noses post - did you know that if you put Nerds candy in a small nose, all of the color will wash off with the snot produced by the panicky child? Nerds are kind of a cloudy/clear when the color is gone!