Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas

The "Great Blizzard of 2009" was not so great. At least, not in Bella Vista, AR. There is enough snow that my poor snow-deprived children can have fun. But there is not so much that we are trapped in my mother's house. NOT that I don't enjoy being here. It's been wonderful. But I suspect that she would get tired of us after a few days. My crew is a little rowdier than the ladies are used to. Then again, it might be fun. Snow angels. Hot chocolate. The new Star Trek movie on her gigantic screen tv.

We aren't quite 24 hours into our visit. It is too early for any disasters. It's been quite nice. Sloppy Joes last night. Turkey, ham, pea salad, 2 kinds of dressing, veggies, rolls and countless sweets tonight. Sometime today there is going to be pictures. We got some good pics last year of my siblings and I. I hope we can get my husband and kids to cooperate for a good Monzingo family picture.

Yes. So far, it's been just about a perfect Christmas.

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