Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Joseph

Today was not Joseph's birthday. That occurred the 28th of July. But today is the day we celebrated. Since Joseph turned 8, we had a big, and I mean BIG, birthday party.

I rented an inflatable water slide. We invited friends and neighbors. Oh. Can't forget the monster eyeball cake. Red velvet. So, that when you slice the cake, it somewhat resembles monster innards. Most important of all, the baptism.

There were a few storms predicted for that day. And it the rain was pouring and the wind blowing when the party began. But it was a very short storm. The waterslide was a hit. The kids loved it. I loved it. I went down a few times with Jacob. Once with Sarah. Once was all Sarah wanted. I think it was a bit scary for her. The platform was about 14 feet high. You climb up the back and then go careening down into a small pool. It is not a slow, easy slide. You pick up more speed than you expect at the end. There is no control. It was fabulous.
About the time they were ready for a break, we had a treasure hunt. Daniel helped me set up two paths to the treasure. We took close-ups of different things on the property and used those as clues. Things like a big planter that was on the front porch, a stack of wood, a balloon, a chicken. The treasure was a rather generous amount of candy.
Then it was time for presents and monster eyeball cake. We made it through presents and blowing the candles out when the kids decided that it was time to slide again. I'm thinking that I need to rent another water slide for our 4th of July bash next year.
I'm so thankful for everyone that came. Especially, our friends in Forney. It is not a real quick drive. I know that it meant a lot to Joseph to have his friends.
The baptism was very nice. Catie White and Joseph were both baptized. There is something extra special about having more than one baptism take place. My sister and I were baptized at the same time. I don't remember every detail, but remember how I felt. Soaking, dripping wet in heavy wet baptism clothes, but feeling light as a feather. So, happy. So, joyful. I think about that feeling everytime I'm at a baptism. I think Joseph was happy. He was a little bit giggly in the font. But Joe has always been amused with life.
We came home in another rain shower. By the time it cleared up, there was a rainbow. Two rainbows. The inside one was brilliant. It was a lovely close to a lovely day.

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