Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ahoy There Mateys

Step. Thunk. Step. Thunk. Step. Thunk. This is the sound Jacob makes as he walks in his bright orange straight leg walking cast. Stepthunkstepthunkstepthunk. This is the sound he makes when he tries to run in his bright orange straight leg walking cast. Yesterday, when I was listening to the slow walk across the kitchen floor, I kept wondering if this is what a pirate with a wooden leg sounds like. Thinking of pirates, I next remembered meeting my future brother-in-law for the first time.

Kermit took me to meet his sister, Tara, and her husband, Cash. We had a nice dinner. We were engaged in conversation, when out of the blue Cash says, "So, I hear you're a pirate."

We were all a little surprised. I wondered if there was some family joke that I didn't know yet. The looks on Kermit's and Tara's faces told me that they didn't know what was going on either. I stammered some sort of reply.

What we had failed to appreciate was Cash's inner conversation. The comment made perfect sense to him. He had noticed that I had a tattoo. He started pondering tattoos and who would typically have a tattoo. I'm glad he passed over biker babe and sailor before he landed on pirate.

Today, I am listening to Jacob step-thunk his way across the kitchen floor. Maybe we are part pirate.

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