Monday, March 6, 2017

Transfers and Stuff

Saturday was Sarah's birthday. Through one of my new Brazilian Facebook friends, Daniel sent a birthday greeting to her. She was delighted. She had spent the whole week making sure EVERYONE knew it was her birthday. Anyway, here is the latest news from our favorite missionary.

So the results are in the stuff has been said and set and we are NOT getting transferred. First time I'm gonna be 3 transfers with the same companion, so should be cool, just now he is no longer being trained. But our week for the most part went well with all of this. It was pretty busy, there was this family that we finally were able to teach all of them and it was impressive how well Marcelo (one of the peoples there) understands some scriptures. Like, there are some things about the plan of salvation that he understands very well, + we haven't even taught the plan of salvation, so even better. But the Sisters in my district had 2 baptisms this week. They share the same chapel with us so we went, it was interesting. One of the people being baptized, Aldecir,(pronounced like Al-de-seer) got there late and well we had to do a separate meeting for him. That was actually pretty cool. Because really gospel ordinances are not for a lot of people at the same time, but they have to be done one by one. You can't just do a mass baptism or something like that. It's one at a time. And you gotta do it slowly. So yeah. And the Young Woman that was baptized, LaĆ­la, I was very impressed with her testimony. She has an incredible testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was very very awesome to see someone that really was helped as much as she was by that book. If you guys haven't read it you should, It's a wonderful book. Love you guys

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