Monday, March 20, 2017


One of the more amazing and wonderful things about having a missionary child is the community of support. When he left, I was really surprised by how much love I felt for the people he would be serving. I didn't even know them. I now have several Brazilian Facebook friends. They've sent me pictures and video and even a quick happy birthday from Elder Monzingo to his siblings. My Facebook family has also been joined by some other missionary moms. They are like pennies from Heaven. The people and the messages and the pictures are all just wonderful. I love seeing how happy our son is. This gospel is really, really wonderful. There is so much joy. Joy and happiness is probably as good a segue into his weekly email as I'm going to get. Here it is:

The Marriage this week was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a lot of prep put into the chapel. They decked it out. Like, really it was sweet. We were supposed to start at 5 but the groom only got there at 6 and his Bride likewise arrived another 45 minutes late. And so we started when they got there. And there was music and Cristiano entered with A Thousand Years in the background and then the whole, duhduhduh duuuuuhhh, duhduhduh duuuuuhhhh, duhduhduh DUH duhduhduh duuuuuuuhhhhh duuuuhhhhh duhDUHduh duh duh duhduhduhduh duh duh. And There was standing involved and Avilla came in and then Bishop talked for a little bit and then there was kissing involved cause that's like, the stereotype and normal and stuff and they signed the papers and then changed clothes and we had a baptismal meeting. That was super awesome. We baptized them and returned to the festivities. There was cake (Of which I unfortunately ate none) And other food (Which I did eat) And we talked to those invited, who knows, maybe one of them is next one the list of people who want to be Baptized and all that stuff. 

In other news, Our lunch appointment on Sunday was with a member of our ward who just so happens to be a super expert in 2-3 kinds of martial arts. And we were talking about that and what not and he decided that a demonstration was in order, so he grabbed my companion to show some different self defense techniques. And so they were doing that and as that was going on they did this one and we heard the sudden sound of something ripping or tearing. Pictures follow of what happened to my companion's pants. It was hilarious. he borrowed a pair of pants from them and now his ripped pants look like nothing happened. unless of course you examine closely. I May know how to sew a little bit but it isn't really all that much. but I love you guys. I hope that everything's going good where y'all are! Até mais!

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