Saturday, November 21, 2015

Where the Wind Keeps Sweeping Down the Plain

Quick trip to Oklahoma this weekend. One thing Daniel wanted to do before leaving for his mission is to visit family. I wish it could be a longer visit, but we will be grateful for the time we have.

The drive was not too bad. I was a little concerned about leaving as late as we did. I thought the kids had early release for the Thanksgiving holiday, but that was not accurate. We didn't actually leave Kaufman until just after 4:00. The kids and I crammed into the rental with our bags and went to meet up with Kermit in Dallas. I was stressed at the time, but on reflection it was a bit comical. Kermit didn't think our Suburban would be a good choice for a road trip and rented a smaller SUV for our journey. At first the kids thought the newer vehicle was the pinnacle of coolness, until they all had to squeeze into the little bitty thing with all their bags and accessories. I wonder if this is how clowns feel driving their cars. I bet clowns have more fun. Squished kids are not happy kids. They get testy.

After reaching the office and finally getting everyone distributed among the two vehicles going, we were on the road. The slow road. It was rush hour in Dallas. Actually, it wasn't the most horrible rush hour I've experienced. We got through it in a reasonable amount of time. There were a bit of "are we there yet" and "I'm STARVING".

Our usual first stop in in Van Alstyne. There is a convenience store/Burger King/Subway. It is a great place to refuel cars and people. Joseph discovered a variety of exotic jerkeys. He convince his father that these were necessary for the rest of the trip. We spent more on travel snacks than we did on our supper. The latest report is that kangaroo jerkey is no bueno. Undaunted by the less agreeable flavor, the boy's first words to me this morning regarded the need to find the keys to Dad's truck so he could get meat.

Daniel was DJ in the rental. I appreciate him figuring out the new-fangled controls. I also appreciate his taste in music. I like a cappella. Three cd's of BYU Vocal Point is, however, my quota. We might need to find something else on the trip back.

My favorite part of the trip so far: Jacob telling me, "This is the best day ever. Except for the part when I was starving."

I love my family.

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