Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Week

This poor little neglected blog. I always intend to faithfully chronicle the family adventures. I do think it is important to report on the good, the bad and the ugly. That is actually a recent attitude. Originally I only thought to share the amusing. In the past few years we've seen our share of the less than pleasant. I didn't write. I now think that was a mistake. How can we truly appreciate the blessings without experiencing the opposite?

This week was full of blessings. It felt very busy, but very wonderful.,

Thursday nights are always full. That is 8th grade football night. Joseph played a bit more than he has in previous games. I don't know if he actually hit anything, but he did run fast. He plays on the "B" team. As soon as their game was finished he had to change quickly and grab a bass drum and join the band. That was a lot of fun. He really and truly enjoyed himself. On the way home, he mentioned that he might not play football next year. Band was going to be his thing. Not going to lie, I like that idea. This is not from any antipathy towards football.  I have seen how very excited Joseph is about band. That is not to say that he is not excited about football, but he seems happier with drumsticks in his hands.

On Wednesday, Daniel went through the temple for the first time. It is a wonderful thing to go to the temple for yourself. It is a special privilege to attend when your child goes through the first time. I wish that I had adequate words to describe how I felt. It is a very happy moment. More than happy. It is joyful. I was overwhelmed enough that I didn't even think to get a picture.

Here is our next bit of happiness. Kermit and Daniel had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake for General Conference this weekend. They attended the Priesthood Session. Daniel was able to spend some time with his very good friend Chelsea Higgins. Aren't they adorable? You can't tell from this picture, but Chelsea has no shoes. She owns shoes. She just isn't wearing them. My little Sarah is like that. Sarah only wears shoes because it is required in certain places. I was like that. I never wanted to wear shoes. Anyway, her lack of footwear isn't important here. The important thing is meeting friends after a long absence. These two very good friends have not seen each other in two years. This may be their last chance to meet until after Daniel returns from his mission.

Life is not trouble free. It is not meant to be. We become our best when we have trials to work through. The dark times help us to appreciate the bright and wonderful times. Beauty comes in something as simple as the weather finally becoming more autumn-like to watching your child becoming a wonderful young adult.

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