Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day Three

Today is the third day of school. This is the third day that I am home alone without any child. All day. Actually I can't say that this is the third day home alone. I haven't really been alone yet. Monday I spent the day with my brother. I'm not sure that was good for him. He needed to get work done and I was a great big distraction. This was the first chance I had to just talk to him without children around. Yesterday afternoon I went to visit a friend of mine. She is older and doesn't get out of the house much. I realized that I hadn't seen her in a bit and decided that it was a good time. We thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. Today will be visiting teaching in the morning and then doctor appointment for Hannah in the afternoon. Days have been full. I haven't really and truly been alone all day.

I don't know what that will feel like. Each day I send the kids off with feelings of excitement and trepidation. They are doing well and seem happy. Even my youngest, who is very shy, seems to like school. They are rowdy and tempers are a bit short when they get home. Still they are adjusting. I worry when they leave and I worry about them during the day. I don't worry ALL day. But I think about them. I enjoy the quiet in the morning. There are times when I miss the noise. When you have six kids there is a constant hum in the house. If the house is quiet it means something is wrong. So there are times in my quiet house when I start to feel uneasy. I know it is because I am trained to look for the disaster that usually follows such silence.

I enjoy the peace. I like that I can get to some of those projects (like writing) that I have been putting off. I greatly appreciate that I don't have to keep telling my older boys "Get OFF the computer/PS3!"

I miss working together. I miss listening to them. I love to sit and listen to them play and interact together. Some of their conversations are fascinating. Some of the stories they come up with (especially the youngest two) as they imagine play are fantastic.

I do think I appreciate them more. My children are wonderful

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