Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Small Child + Small Object + Small Nose

What is it about small objects that makes a small child want to put it into his small nose?

Mom tells me that when I was too little to talk, I put a curler sponge in my nose. She didn't see me do this. She didn't know anything was wrong until I started to stink. Gramma knew, because my Uncle Gene had stuck a bean up his nose when he was little.

I think just about everyone of my children has put something up their little noses. We've had a bit of carrot, Cheerios, a butterfly bead (more than once the same child put the same bead up her nose.) and now a popcorn kernel. We've managed to rescue the noses (or the small objects depending upon your point of view). Only once did we have to go to the hospital. The carrot will live in infamy.

1 comment:

  1. Josie stuck the little pepperoni's off her pizza up her nose! They were so far up there I thought we were going to have an ER moment. Kids...