Sunday, May 31, 2015

Everything Is Broken..I mean Awesome!

Everything breaks. Eventually. And it seems that everything breaks at the same time. Precisely when you really don't need it to break. In the same day the starter on the Suburban went out and the dryer wouldn't start. Just another couple of items to add to the increasing list of things that do not work at our house. That included me. I was grumpy, bad attitude mommy that day.

The automobile was obviously the first priority. A new starter couldn't happen right away. Fortunately, we have awesome friends. We were able to get the family to church and activities and work. We really are blessed in our friendships. I only hope that someday I'll be able to be able to help others as we have been helped.

The dryer issue could be solved with a clothes line. There are some benefits to line dried clothes. They smell great. Wind and sunshine are free. Most of the clothes dry a little faster. I've always liked the idea of a clothes line and have used the one I've rigged up on occasion.

Here is what is not so very cool about having to use a clothesline. A lot of laundry is done in this house. There are six kids and two new puppies. A LOT of laundry has to be done. Hanging clothes can get to be very time consuming. Every individual piece has to be pinned. Every piece has to be taken down. Carrying the baskets of wet clothes is not always fun.

Next. If it is raining the clothes can't get dry. This month just happened to be the dramatic end of a long drought. Rain. More rain. And more rain. Which equals mud. Which means more laundry that can't be dried because it is raining outside.

Clothes smell great, but towels are crunchy. I don't know how to combat that. I even bought fabric softener. It helps a tiny bit.

As much as I complain the clothes line is really not too bad. But I will be very happy when my dryer is fixed.

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